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To help you learn the language quickly.
We use a well-honed technique to help make English the language you think in and the personality that is valued by the rest of the world. As a result of our fourteen years of classroom practise, we’ve honed our own set of learning strategies.
All of the meetings are full with energy and intrigue. Efforts aren’t rewarded in this world, but results are, so constantly concentrate on the latter.

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Brian Lewis

Founding Partner

Chas R. Walker


Christy Mullen



David B. Bass


Jennifer Mankin


Ann Allen

Language Expert

Paul Chan

ESL Expert

Robert McCrary


Debbie Hendry

English Expert

Andrew Smith

ELT - ESL Expert

Jeanelle Dale


Christina Amerson

Languag Instructor

Anna Klatt

English Expert

Angela Butler

Career Counsellor

Joseph A. Williams

Online Learing Expert

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