English Language Reading Skills

How To Read Better Faster and Understandable?

Accept a verbal order
Accept an invitation formally
Accept an invitation less formally
Accept an order
Accept suggestions
Add further information
Agree with opinions
Allow interruption
Answer the phone formally
Ask about a company
Ask about a product
Ask about abilities
Ask about delivery times
Ask about facilities
Ask about jobs
Ask about meals
Ask about payment terms
Ask about present activities
Ask about price
Ask about projects
Ask about responsibility
Ask about the future
Ask about waiting times
Ask about what is needed
Ask for a physical description
Ask for a substitute
Ask for additional information
Ask for an explanation
Ask for caller’s information
Ask for clarification
Ask for confirmation
Ask for contribution from others
Ask for directions
Ask for evidence
Ask for further details
Ask for help less politely
Ask for help politely
Ask for information
Ask for instructions
Ask for opinion
Ask for payment
Ask for permission
Ask for pronouncement
Ask for questions
Ask for repetition
Ask for solutions
Ask for someone on the phone
Ask for spelling
Ask for strengths & weaknesses
Ask for the purpose
Ask for the purpose of a call
Ask how to contact
Ask somebody to hold on
Ask someone to answer questions
Ask someone to speak
Ask someone to wait
Ask to borrow
Ask to comment
Ask where someone is
Avert interruption
Avoid interruption
Talking about Book
Bring up a serious topic
Cancel an order
Challenge an opinion
Change to another subject
Change topics formally
Change topics informally
Change topics less formally
Check for consensus
Check understanding formally
Check understanding informally
Close a conversation
Close a meeting
Close a phone conversation
Come back to a topic
Comment on an opinion
Complain less strongly
Complain strongly
Booking and Confirmation
Connect somebody
Correct misunderstanding
Correct what’s wrong
Decline an invitation formally
Decline an invitation less formally
Deny permission
Deny support less politely
Deny support politely
Describe a product
Describe advantages
Describe fall
Describe features of a product
Describe fluctuation
Describe gradual fall
Describe gradual increase
Describe hypothetical scenarios
Describe increase
Describe other problems
Describe projects
Describe stability
Describe sudden fall
Describe sudden increase
Disagree less strongly
Disagree partially
Disagree politely
Disagree strongly
Discard suggestions
Emphasise on a point
Explain a problem with sound
Explain that a line is busy
Explain that somebody’s not available
Explain they must wait
Explain why someone’s not in
Explain you have to cut off
Explain your job
Explain your purpose formally
Explain your purpose informally
Explore options
Express an opinion formally
Express an opinion less formally
Express condolence
Express reservation
Express something impossible
Express something improbable
Express something possible
Express something probable
Express something sure
Express your wish to follow up
Finish a speech
Focus on the main issue
Get people to act
Give a verbal order
Give instructions – continue
Give instructions – finish
Give instructions – start
Grant permission
Interrupt politely
Interrupt strongly
Interrupt very politely
Interrupt very strongly
Introduce a summary
Introduce bad news formally
Introduce bad news informally
Introduce good news
Introduce people to the public
Introduce yourself before a speech
Introduce yourself formally
Introduce yourself less formally
Invite someone formally
Invite someone less formally
Keep a meeting in order
Keep a meeting in track
Leave a message
Make an appointment
Move the meeting forward
Offer compromise
Offer help formally
Offer help less formally
Offer something
Offer to take a message
Place an order
Play down a point
Postpone a call
Postpone an issue
Present apparently contrasting data
Present data in order
Present evidence formally
Present evidence less formally
Present the first item
Present the next item
Propose solutions
Propose what is needed
Provide more detail
Recommend a person or firm
Recommend an action
Rectify what was said
Refer to future relationship
Refer to what has been said
Reject a request for help less politely
Reject a request for help politely
Reject a verbal order
Reject an order
Repeat in other words
Reply evasively
Reply no to an offer of help
Reply no to request to borrow
Reply to a formal introduction
Reply to an informal introduction
Reply to complaint
Reply yes to a request for help
Reply yes to a request to borrow
Reply yes to an offer of help
Reply you don’t know
Reply you’ll answer later INVITATION
Request what is needed
Say bye formally
Say bye informally
Say goodbye
Say someone is not available
Say thanks
Say that someone phoned
Set a date for next meeting
Set a date for the next call
Show that you don’t understand informally
Show that you don’t understands formally
Show that you understand formally
Show that you understand informally
Signal the start of a speech
Slow down a meeting
Soften disagreement
Start a meeting
Suggest an alternative
Suggest gently
Suggest preference
Suggest strongly
Support an opinion or someone
Support on condition
Support your ideas with examples
Talk about causes
Talk about consequences
Talk about the future
Thank after an invitation
Thank people for coming
Thank someone for calling
Thanks for letting you speak
Transmit a verbal order
Use these phrases when you need time to think
Use these words when you need time to think
Warn about consequences
Wish good luck
Wrong number or name!