Fast Track English Learning

How to Understand and Learn English Better with easy Way!

Areas of interest Functions and duties including in English Communication

  • Introductions and meetings
  • Company & jobs and professional environment
  • Upbringing and growth factors
  • The career pathway
  • Diplomatic language skills
  • Visitors Attention
  • Employee’s framework
  • English Common Sentences
  • Telephone calls manners and etiquettes
  • Powerful messages system
  • Power Email Patterns
  • Task Management Tricks
  • Understanding Corporate culture
  • Financial Transaction Database
  • Emerging Market Analyses
  • Daily official Discussion
  • Daily problems and simple easy solutions
  • Meeting, Conference and small talk talent
  • Power of successful Presentation
  • Sentences and Phrase
  • Market Analyses
  • Marketing and Advertising Strategies
  • Successful Sales Meetings
  • How to conduct successful Negation
  • Complaining and Improvement Solutions
  • Innovation in Product Devolvement
  • Outsourcing Strategy
  • Ethics and manners
  • The revolution of e-commerce
  • Creating a cohesive team
  • Training in a cross-cultural environment
  • Delivering a speech during a meeting
  • Public speaking as a source of inspiration
  • Capabilities as a leader
  • Skills in Negotiation and Listening Negotiation and Listening skills
  • Management of the interviewing process
  • The process of making a decision
  • Controlling the image
  • Confidence-building exercises
  • Nonverbal communication is a kind of communication that does not include the use of words.

Core English Communication

  • Getting most advanced and proven methods of presentation with an effective and efficient way to express yourself, learning the secret of corporate speech practising, how to deliver dialogue effectively, how to play role in an influential way.
  • Getting a powerful competency and legitimate authority on corporate communication, getting the most advanced conversation secrets, and becoming a master of a cross-cultural communication.
  • Learning basic to advance communication etiquette and manners, and designing effective and efficient demonstration strategies.
  • How to get mastery in public speaking, audience attention, speech impression, versatile presentation, meet your goals by redesigning winning strategy, learning very secret of hypnotics and mesmerising qualities in the professional world.
  • Presentation based on to the point information, persuasion power, friendly and attractive way of storytelling style, engaging without boring and redesign, refining personal basic factors of success.
  • Learning important effective debates and speech rules, internet and social media engagement, verbal non-verbal communication, point of idea to point of excellence
  • Learn from the best public speakers of the past and the present.
  • Language Communication and Oratory Skills Relationships
  • Become an expert in both voice and body language.
  • Become a Master of Small Talk to Become a Master of Big Talk.
  • Mastering the Art of Striking Up a Dialog

Develop Your Personality While Studying for The Exam.

People who desire to move, work, or further their education in an English-speaking country would benefit from training, which focuses on personal development as well as preparation for the English exam. Additionally, pupils’ progress is monitored and aid is offered to those who need it most.

In addition to teaching them how to communicate effectively in a new language and culture, we place a high value on teaching our students the fundamentals of good manners, personality development, and other social graces. In addition to teaching students how to communicate effectively in a foreign language, the school also stresses the necessity of helping them develop their personalities, manners, and etiquette so that they are more comfortable in their new surroundings. With unlimited practice sessions and specific directions for finding answers quickly and properly, our training is distinct from other sources. A lot of attention is paid to each student’s individual needs, and the utmost care is used to help them enhance their language skills. We’ll work with you one-on-one until you’re comfortable taking the test on your own. It is because of this dedication and professionalism that we have become one of the most sought-after training facilities in the world.

Language skills required for the exam

Writing Skills

Are you capable of writing an essay of 250 words and a task of 150 words?

How well are you versed in punctuation marks?

Do you have a strong command of idioms and colloquial expressions?

Do you have a strong grasp of sentence structure?

Are you familiar with the rules for writing sentences?

Do you have the ability to come up with creative solutions to a variety of problems?

Is your vocabulary well-chosen and appropriate?

Is it possible for you to construct the coherence with no deviation?

It’s a one-hour deadline for both tasks one and two.

Would you desire to become an excellent English speaker by adhering to all of the above?

Speaking Skills

Is there anything you can’t make sense of?

Can you hold an audience’s attention for two minutes on any given topic?

When speaking, are you capable of making an impression on the examiner?

Do you know how to properly use slang and idioms?

Is your vocabulary strong?

Do you have a good ear for accents?

Is your ability to tell a story well-honed?

The ability to swiftly convey information on any particular subject is essential.

Do you have faith in your ability to convince your audience with ease?

Do you want to improve your English proficiency by putting the suggestions listed above into practice when you speak?

  • Comprehensive training in all four exam modules
  • Daily practice tests and individual guidance on weak areas
  • Mock speaking tests and group discussions of speech topics
  • Pronunciation training for better speaking and listening
  • Grammar classes through discussions and drills
  • Focus on building commonly used vocabulary;
  • Personal attention;
  • Tips on manners and etiquette;
  • Individuality development sessions

Contents of the preparation

  • Ability to Compose
  • Skills in Active and Active Listening
  • Skills in Reading and Speaking
  • Patterns of Verb Use
  • Direct and Indirect Conjunctions
  • Prepositions in Tense
  • Active Passive Reported Speech
  • Phonetics Words and Symbols
  • Listening to Scripted Pronunciation and Accent
  • Training Drills for Listening to Lectures
  • Drills English Composition Sentence Structure
  • A well-crafted phrase Developing
  • Subject-Object Relationship Rules
  • Techniques for Writing an Essay
  • Ideas expressed in the form of points
  • Essays about graphing, sending letters, and describing
  • Scanning and sifting through Analysing
  • Drills and Questions
  • Drills for Sentence Understanding
  • Final Reading Assessments
  • Word Power Tests
  • Self-introduction that works
  • Drilling in Phonetics
  • Pronunciation through Questions and Answers
  • Learn and utilize terminology
  • Practice your vocabulary and idioms
  • Adjectives and Adverbs practicing
  • Words & Collocations is a training ground for vocabulary.