English Language Vocabulary Power Bank

How to Learn Faster and Quicker Vocabulary?

Linking each set of four words with one other word
Forming nouns from list of verbs
Rewriting sentences using noun forms instead of verbs
Combining words from two lists to make two-word expressions
Multiple choice: choosing correct plural forms of singular nouns
Rewriting sentences using adjective forms instead of nouns
Linking each verb with a noun to make a partnership
Using the partnerships to complete sentences
Selecting the correct prefix for each adjective to create an opposite
Using the adjectives to complete sentences
Making verb forms from list of nouns
Writing sentences using the verbs
Finding words in a mind map that fit definitions
Designing mind maps
Sentence completion
Matching verbs with their correct definitions
Changing sentences from active to passive tense
Identifying adverbs in sentences and swapping adverbs
Correcting sentences with deliberate mistakes in the prepositions
Identifying three-syllable words and classifying by their pronunciation
Completing sentences using four-syllable words
Classifying four-syllable words by their pronunciation
Identifying present tense verbs and classifying by their pronunciation
Identifying past tense verbs and classifying by their pronunciation
Matching half-sentences together to make complete sentences
Identifying word that is different to others in each set
Matching words with opposite meanings
Inserting correct opposites in sentences
Stating what abbreviations stand for
Checking meanings of words; matching descriptions to names
Matching half-sentences together to make complete sentences
Putting letters in order
Finding words hidden in letters using clues listed
Completing crossword with missing words from sentences
Completing crossword by defining words
Recording new vocabulary, definitions and terms