English Language Reading Skills

How To Read Better Faster and Understandable?

Analysing Characters
Analysing Reviewing Skills
Appreciating Literature
Classifying Reviewing Skills
Comparing and Contrasting
Developing Vocabulary
Drawing Conclusions
Finding The Main Idea
Following Directions
Identifying Cause and Effect
Identifying Fact or Opinion
Identifying Story Elements
Making Inferences
Making Predictions
Reading for Details
Real Or Fantasy
Sequencing Reviewing Skills
Sorting and Classifying
Understanding The Reading Process
Using Context Clues
Matching Headings
Completing Tables and Diagrams
Answering Short-Answer Questions
Matching Sentence Endings
Answering Multiple-Choice Questions
Completing Sentences and Diagram Labels
Completing Notes, Summaries and Flow Charts
Identifying Information
Matching Information
Identifying Writers’ Views or Claims
Matching Features
Multiple-Choice Cloze
Keyword Transformation
Multiple Matching
Gapped Text
Multiple Choice
Open Cloze
Word Formation
Compounding In Word Formation
Keyword Transformations
Grammar, Vocabulary and Collocation
Finding Text Tone
Finding Text Purpose
Finding Text Main Idea
Finding Text Implication
Text Organisation Features
Exemplification Comparison
Finding Text Reference
Finding Text Gapped Text
Understanding Of Cohesion
Finding Text Coherence
Finding Text Structure
Finding Text Global Meaning
Finding Text Multiple Matching
Understanding Of Detail
Finding Text Opinion
Finding Text Attitude
Finding Specific Information