English Communicator and Mission

English Communicator

A complete Spoken English language and personal development course are now available from English Communicator for those who can read and comprehend English but lack the courage to converse in the language. It is important for them to improve their ability to communicate in English in a variety of contexts, including formal and informal writing and speaking, as well as public speaking and group discussions and presentations.

All organisations and professions depend on their employees’ ability to communicate effectively in the workplace. Our teaching technique guarantees that you will talk more confidently and correctly from the very first lesson.

Learn how to conquer your fears and speak confidently in front of co-workers and friends with the aid of our training. Your personality, interview skills, and leadership qualities will improve as well as your confidence and accent thanks to this training.

Count on us to teach you the greatest English in Ludhiana, and we’ll focus on the following:

English in professional organisations

  • How to expand English vocabulary
  • How to write English Correctly
  • How to speak English Fluently
  • How to utilise basic English grammar in everyday discussions
  • How to pronounce English words correctly

The primary goal of English Communicator Classes is to provide students and professionals with the foundational skills they need to communicate effectively in English on a personal and professional level.

It is possible to improve interpersonal relations and business transactions via the use of the English language.

For efficient business communication, it’s important to learn the foundations of English. Written and spoken modes of communication are both used in business. As a result, we place equal value on oral and written communication abilities in our English Language Course.

The rise of the global marketplace has led to the rise of the English language as the worldwide language of commerce. The capacity to read, write, speak, and comprehend the English language is what most of us consider to be a sign of fluency in the language. In contrast, in the corporate world, there are a number of regulations that must be kept in mind at all times. This helps in both written and spoken communication.

Additionally, our Leadership Training professionals perform a Leadership training programme that aims to improve the English language abilities of executives.

 Why you Choose us?

What are the advantages of working with English Communicator for your business training needs?

Our portfolio serves as corroborating evidence of the quality of our work. All of our instructors have a wealth of training and professional business experience, enabling them to transform abstract ideas into actionable knowledge.

  • Providing the finest possible service delivery in the English language environment to our trainees in order to guarantee their academic and/or professional success.
  • Transparency and Excellence in everything we do, demonstrating ‘Integrity,’ so that we may provide more than we promised, as well as foster an environment of open communication and mutual respect.
  • Our training is completely hands-on and based on the concepts of learning we’ve developed over the years working in a variety of business sectors.
  • Our training programmes show that we are well-versed in the most recent changes in the business and are always keeping up with them.
  • To meet the specific needs of each client, we design each seminar and programme from the ground up based on a thorough understanding of the target audience, as well as the specific services that the client organisation offers.
  • The methods we use to teach:
  • Mentoring in a Group
  • Individualized Instruction
  • Presentations Using PowerPoint
  • Videos
  • Games with a twist
  • Dramatic Presentations and Role Plays

Profession English Language Learning

When it comes to creating and teaching communicative English and accent training, one of the most reputable names in Europe is English Communicator.

Our English for Professionals curriculum has been specifically designed for students who desire to improve their command of the English language. We’ve designed a well-thought-out curriculum to meet the English language proficiency requirements of today’s professionals, and it includes all the elements necessary to achieve an excellent level of competence. It includes:

  • Assists learners in improving their pronunciation of English by reducing the influence of their native language.
  • the appropriate articulation of the speech organs may be honed via practise and education.
  • It emphasises all 44 English speech sounds and their perfect articulation, key components of pronunciations such as strong and weak forms, contractions, stress, link up, etc., which are not generally taught in a school or college curriculum.) Listening skills and fluency are improved by neutralising the learners’ accents using this method.
  • Students are taught how to use tenses and other grammatical features in real-world contexts rather than merely memorising rules and regulations.
  • In order to help non-native speakers, improve their fluency and avoid being tongue-tied, we teach the most widely used English words and phrases at the basic, middle, and advanced levels, in addition to phrasal verbs and collocations.
  • Even the most difficult usages of English may be understood by a student who is familiar with the structure and patterns of the language, rather than just translating from their native language into English.
  • Student’s practise speaking in front of an instructor, who corrects any errors they make. Because we think that the only way to improve one’s style and fluency is to speak and have one’s faults rectified.
  • Courses taught via the use of video recordings that allow students to see and hear native speakers in action.
  • Situational English: To assist students feel confidence in their ability to speak successfully in a variety of real-world scenarios. Appropriate use of language aids in better communication.
  • Letter writing, public speaking, telephoning, and personal growth are among the topics covered.