How to Learn Business English

We Teach You a better way of Learn English While in Profession!

The economy
The business cycles
International trade
Setting up and growing a business
Company types and corporate governance
Global issues for the 21st century
Management styles and qualities
Organizing time and work
Planning and setting objectives
Leading and motivating
Insurance and risk management
Manufacturing and engineering
Inside a factory
Procurement and purchasing
Supply chain management and logistics
Lean production
Customer service Markets and marketing Product
Distribution (place)
Telephoning – making and taking calls
Telephoning – messages
Telephoning – checking, clarifying, active listening
Telephoning – arranging a meeting
Financial markets
Investing in stocks
Pay and benefits
Issues in the workplace
Your background and career
Your company
Your job
Emails – basics
Emails – internal communication
Emails – commercial
Emails – customer issues
Emails – arranging a visit
Emails – review
Presentations – opening
Presentations – main be
Presentations – closing
Presentations – trends
Presentations – review
Marketing management
Income statement
Balance sheet
Cash flow statement
Managing cash flow
Meetings – opinions
Meetings – making things clear
Meetings – problem-solving
Meetings – leading a meeting
Meetings – negotiating
Meetings – diplomatic language
Meetings – review
Business reports and proposals – reports
Interview with a private equity investor
Interview with an entrepreneur
Interview with a management trainee
Interview with a supply chain manager
Interview with a sales manager
Interview with a marketing director
Interview with a finance director
Interview with a human resources director
The three sectors of che economy
Company structure
Work and motivation
Management and cultural diversity
Labour relations
Promotional tools
Accounting and financial statements…
Stocks and shares
Futures and derivatives
Market structure and competition
Takeovers, mergers and buyouts
Efficiency and employment
Business ethics
The role of government
Central banking, money and taxation
Exchange rates
The business cycles
Keynesianism and monetarism
International trade
Economics and ecology